How Important is UV and Pollution Protection for Clear Skin?

Our skin is under constant attack from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. These aggressors can lead to various skin issues, including pigmentation, inflammation and redness, which can promote a disrupted skin barrier.  

Mateja Weber, Lead Scientist at Romilly Wilde says "For those with acne prone skin, UV rays and pollution can make matters worse. External stressors have an effect on the skin barrier, triggering inflammation, skin dryness and pigmentation. The drying effect of the sun can prompt increased oil production and a build-up of dead cells, essentially contributing to the formation of clogged pores and spots.”

If you suffer from adult acne and want to find which products will help restore your skin barrier, see our guide below: 


Your game changing SPF: Klarskin’s SPF 50 GlowScreen Oil

When it comes to UV protection, Klarskin's newSPF 50 GlowScreen Oil is a game-changer and formulated for acne prone skin. This organic cold-pressed oil offers robust protection against UVA, UVB, and even the insidious blue light. As Mateja Weber explains, "UV rays and blue light can wreak havoc on the skin. They cause cellular oxidation, fine lines, pigmentation.. A high SPF product like this is essential to ward off these damaging effects."

But Klarskin's SPF isn't just about UV protection. It's a multi-tasking wonder that also helps rebalance oil levels and dissolve excess sebum, making it ideal for acne prone skin. It aids in building the lipid barrier, a crucial layer that shields the skin from external threats. As Weber notes, "The lipid barrier is your skin's knight in shining armour. It prevents moisture loss and keeps pollutants at bay."

Your clear skin booster: Klarskin’s Radiance Powder 

To restore the skin barrier and have long-term clear and nourished skin, the Radiance Powder is a product you can easily add to your everyday routine. The Radiance Powder is a nutritional supplement with dermatologist approval and clinical backing that helps the internal foundational elements of skin health to maintain long-term skin clarity. During clinical trials the Radiance Powder showed an 80% Reduction in Inflammation and Redness. Add one teaspoon to water and drink on an empty stomach each morning, or it can also be taken in the evenings right before bed.


Your pollutant day protect: Romilly Wilde's Advanced Supercell Serum

To help combat the long-term effects of UV and pollution exposure, Romilly Wilde'sAdvanced Supercell Serum is a must-have. Formulated with Ectoin®, a powerhouse ingredient derived from microorganisms in a salt lake, this bioactive ingredient offers cell protection. It shields the skin from oxidative and inflammatory factors, effectively combating pigmentation and premature ageing caused by pollutants and UV radiation. According to Weber, "Ectoin® is like a superhero for your skin. It neutralises the villains of pollution and UV damage."

Your microbiome maintenance: Romilly Wilde’s Light + Energy Cleanser

To maintain a healthy complexion, thorough cleansing is essential. Romilly Wilde's Light + Energy Serum Cleanser goes beyond the basics. Thisserum-infused cleansing balmgently removes impurities while helping to nurture your skin's microbiome – the ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms that protect your skin. As Weber affirms, "A balanced microbiome is your skin's first line of defence against environmental stress."


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