My period symptoms always used to start a few days before my actual period came. I would feel lethargic, muscles would ache and I would feel like my immunity was weaker in general. It took years of stabilising my hormones and digestive issues to get to the point where my period came and went without much pain or change to how my body felt.

When we first launched the Radiance Powder in 2019, a lot of feedback I was initially getting from women who were continuous users of the Powder were that over time their period pain was decreasing. After discussing this in detail with our Chief science officer and formulator Dr Lars Rüther, we came to the conclusion that the high fibre content (helping insulin resistance) and diversity and potency of B vitamins (hormone stabilisation and excretion) within was causing this positive yet unsuspecting side effect.

There is a strong correlation between longer term users and less painful periods. Having consistently received this feedback now we have come up with a list of natural ways you can help decrease your period pain long term.





Movement gives a natural endorphin boosts and gets your blood pumping. Increasing the blood flow throughout the body will already reduce any stagnation and move blood more effectively, however muscle plays an even bigger role when it comes to period pain and that is to do with hormone regulation.

The most important organ in body to regulate glucose is muscle, as it is the storage unit for glucose. When we have more muscle we have more place to store glucose, and we can store it with less insulin, meaning stability and efficiency when it comes to hormonal patterns.

Exercise also helps produce natural chemicals within the body that block pain.



I sound like a broken record by this point, but there really is nothing more important than diet and lifestyle when it comes to our health. Reducing our intake of inflammatory foods reduces inflammation. Increasing our intake of nourishing, whole foods increases our health and strength. 

If you already eat a very healthy, organic, balanced diet then take a look at your refined oil consumption, especially in milk alternative drinks. Swap vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil for olive, avocado and coconut oils. Omega 3 oils are arguably the best of all.

Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce the inflammatory prostaglandins that are produced in the uterine lining and which cause the muscles and blood vessels of the uterus to contract. They have even been shown to reduce menstrual pain when dosed daily throughout the entire cycle.



Applying a hot water bottle or compress increases blood flow to the area and relaxes the uterine muscles by increasing oxygen flow which can bring quick relief.

Hot baths with magnesium salts are especially beneficial for immediate muscle and cramp relaxation.


More reviews of how the Radiance Powder can help are included below!

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