While we are always impressed with the results of the Radiance Powder, we love to see aestheticians work with their clients to help solve the root cause of their clients' problems, rather than just treating the surface.

Caroline McLean, founder of the clinic, Skinology located in Glasgow (who is a Radiance Powder user herself) creates personalised treatment plans for adult acne. Her client’s journey to achieving clear skin is detailed by both Caroline (Therapist) and Emma (client) below. Let's first get to understand the client, Emma's, story and history with acne. 


From the Client's side:
Emma’s Skin Story and Experience with Adult Acne

My acne really started when I was eighteen and was typically around my chin and mouth area. I have suffered from acne for nine years now, but in the past three to four years it has started moving to my cheek area too.

I have coeliac disease and believe this is the root cause, however it could also be hormonal and due to life stresses. I notice flare ups when I have issues with my gut and when I do not manage my stress levels.

Since Caroline’s consultation the Radiance Powder  forms part of my morning routine before I have my coffee. I’ve been using it nearly every morning since the beginning of August. It's clear my inflammation has dramatically decreased and I'm having less angry breakouts - the difference is amazing! 


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Having a consistent morning and nighttime routine with the right products recommended by Caroline has contributed to my progress too. This alongside taking cod liver oil, vitamin D and A supplements everyday alongside the Powder have been some of the lifestyle changes I've made during my skin recovery journey. 

The Solution: Caroline McLean (Skincare Therapist at Skinology) on How she achieved the results featured in the images above: 

We started in July with a consultation and a change to skincare. There is not much benefit to me telling you what was tweaked in this regard as it is different for each person, however I have included details of Emma’s treatment plan and how I started to condition and treat her skin.

I first asked Emma to incorporate the Klarskin Radiance Powder into her daily morning routine to treat her gut and liver inflammation. This is something that benefits my clients long term and ensures that their clear skin results last. This product also impacts so much more than just the look and feel of skin externally, but in this case we are using the Klarskin Powder to heal acne from the inside, whilst I do treatments on the outside.

also completed two skin sessions. The first was  @cosmedix Benefit and  @celluma_led_therapy and the second was CosMedix Jessner Duo. I also started Emma of Tretinoin (topical application) to treat the main symptoms externally which were breakouts and scarring.

A combined treatment approach of skincare that suits your skin is important. I chose topical treatments depending on the client, and investigated potential triggers and internal imbalances to ensure optimal progress in skin health. 

We may progress to focus on the scarring now which is already currently being treated with all of the above, but we could do more specific resurfacing with SkinPen and deeper peels. 

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