My name is Candela Lasanta Ebbesen. I grew up in Oslo Norway with my Spanish mother and Norwegian father, my little sister and brother.

My mother was a dancer so my passion for classical ballet started by watching her dance.

I had my first ballet class at the age of 4 and I basically haven’t stopped since. I don’t remember taking the decision to pursue classical ballet as a career, it was always the natural thing for me to do.

Ballet is my biggest passion and dream, and I never really questioned it. It was like a calling and I didn’t stop until I reached my goal. This being said the journey of becoming a professional ballerina has been far from easy. Countless hours of hard work, sacrifices, set backs and disappointments are all part of the journey. However I can honestly say the struggle was, and still is, completely worth it.

I did my whole ballet education in Oslo, and at the age of 18 I started working in The Norwegian National Ballet. I later went on to dance with the Royal Swedish Ballet, Boris Eifman Ballet in St. Petersburg and finally in 2014 I joined Les Ballet de Monte Carlo, my dream company where Im still dancing today. 



My diet is very varied.
Im a pescatarian so you won’t find meat in my diet, but apart from that I eat pretty much everything. I'm fortunate to have a daily farmer's market on my doorstep here in Nice and I basically get all my groceries there. I believe in eating seasonally and mostly plant based and the market is perfect for just that. I also love cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I make sure to always have something substantial that will gives me energy throughout my whole day, and I always have it in bed with my fiancé Michael. I guess that is my most scared wellness routine, to have a long breakfast together in bed every day. To me thats the perfect start of the day.

As for my supplements they tend to change depending on wether Im dealing with a specific injury or inflammation.

I've gone through periods of high doses of calcium to strengthen by bones, or curcuma to battle inflammation, but what I always have no matter what is probiotics. Taking care of my gut is essential for my wellbeing, and not to mention my skin! I've been taking Klarskin Radiance Powder every morning for a while now and it is the perfect way to prepare my gut for the day. I love how easy it is to take and I really feel a difference if I skip a day or two, it has completely replaced my old probiotic pills. 



Ive always been very fascinated with the correlation between the gut and the skin. How the skin really is a mirror of whats going on inside your body.

This is one of the reasons I find holistic skincare so fascinating. To look at the bigger picture, to go beyond your external symptoms and understand the root cause of skin imbalances. This being said I still believe in the efficiency of conventional skincare. I think finding a balance with an internal and external routine is key.

In the morning I usually just wash my face, apply my favourite Paulas Choice 2% BHA serum, a perfect light exfoliating acid that targets inmperfections and texture. Then I follow with La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5. This cream has completely changed my skin. Although it is super heavy and actually meant for sunburns and irritated skin, it's antibacterial ingredients help balance my skin and repairs any hyper pigmentation. I've sworn to this cream for years now. As my last step in my morning routine I apply a tinted moisturiser and 30 spf. Since we live in a place where the sun shines practically every day spf is non-negotiable.     

My night routine is washing the day off with an oil based cleanser followed by micellar water. Then I apply Paulas Choice 2% BHA serum, The Klarskin Universal serum and I finish with the Cicaplast Balm or an overnight hydrating mask.



Yoga plays a huge part of my mental and physical health. Both my mind and my body crave it daily. I sometimes do my own improvised flows, but I also really enjoy a good class. My favourite teacher is Cat Meffan, check her youtube and payed members club out. It is worth every penny!

Countless flows and guided meditations to keep you fit and sane. Ive also always loved running, or its rather a love hate relationship, but I always feel so good afterwards. I love how I just switch off everything and let the music in my headphones lead the way. Runners high is also a form of mediation for me.

Being a professional dancer is very demanding both physically and mentally. We work long hours and are under pressure of performing at our highest level every day. In addition to the ballet classes and rehearsals I have in a day I also do my own workout program in the gym.

Mostly weight lifting to improve my core strength, the explosivity in my legs and also as injury prevention. In addition to this I do a specific program to strengthen my feet and lower leg which is super important since we dance with pointe shoes all day.

With Les Ballets de Monte Carlo we are fortunate enough to have an incredible touring schedule that takes us to exiting places all over the world. Seeing the world while dancing on some of its biggest stages is a huge blessing and something I will never take for granted after having had many of our tours cancelled this season due to COVID. Hopefully we will be back travelling like normal in not too long, and luckily in the meantime we have our beautiful opera house in Monaco.

My mentors and biggest inspirations in life are my family, friends and my fiancé Michael. They never stop challenging and inspiring me. They come from all over the world, with very different backgrounds and upbringings and they all have something so unique. I learn from them every single day. And I love that about them.


Thank you Candela for your feature and time. For more information please visit @candelaebbesen on Instagram.

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