3 Ways To Cope With Anxiety & Practice Mindfulness Daily


If you are a millennial like me, I hope you can agree that we are coming to an end to one of the most culturally challenging years the world has seen in most of our lifetimes. 

It has been a year of internal and external reflection and realisation that has forced us to embrace paradoxes and change. The energy of the world has shifted which has led a lot of people to start asking questions about how people are going to change alongside our new priorities.

I don't think I am alone when saying that anxiety has been at a high across the board, making mindfulness even more relevant, and ironically harder than ever to practice.


With most of us spending the majority of our time at home, away from our colleagues and usual socializing routines, there has never been a better time to look inwards and make the changes that allow us to live our authentic and best selves.

However becoming more conscious of our actions is easier said than done, and I wanted to share some personal ways of feeling more centered and mindful. Here is my list of feel-good realizations from 2020 and why I hope our gitti x Klarskin Giveaway will give you more than just our products:


1. Give to Yourself First

There is an old age proverb that basically says ‘if you are running around trying to give everyone water but you are getting the water from a muddy well, you are spreading disease rather than goodness’. To summarise the message is that if you don’t work on yourself first, are not feeling good in your skin, fulfilled and mentally strong, you won’t be able to help others no matter how much you want to.

So remove the guilt of working on yourself first and start treating it as a necessity. 

I am not saying to wait until you feel complete to give, but we can give ourselves the benefit of living the lives we are trying to give to others. 

With so many of us today fighting for other people to have freedom and a better life, we should remember to give ourselves a slice of what we are trying to give the world first and don’t feel an ounce of selfishness about it – the better you are, the better you become, the better you can spread this positivity and make a greater impact for good. 

Look within and start feeling good about treating yourself, and give yourself the appreciation and compassion you deserve and wish to give to the people you love the most.


2. Meaning and Purpose

Understand that love is more sustainable than any other emotion. 

When we find meaning behind the work or change we are trying to achieve, we can keep going and take on more stress and pressure. 

When fighting for something bigger than yourself you keep moving forward. 

So try and find your purpose and meaning to keep you going on days you feel like stopping. 

This is also why the start of our Wellness Journal is dominated by questions that set your aims and goals for the future, so you can not only effectively manifest them but reflect back on them on days you are not feeling motivated.


 3. The Value of Routine

I have a personal daily checklist for when I am feeling low or unmotivated, of how I support my daily routine and efforts to move forward.

Though my actions may not always be perfect, moving forward is better than standing completely still. These steps encourage me to get my mind and life in order:


  • Get Organized
  • Set simple goals
  • Do the hard tasks first
  • Set deadlines
  • Remove distractions
  • Time myself
  • Take a break when I need one
  • Have some fun incentives
  • Hold myself accountable 


Due to how this year has turned out, we have put a lot more thought into what companies we partner with, do giveaways with, and what value we are adding to people’s lives.

This gitti x Klarskin Giveway is particularly relevant, as today the use of conscious beauty products becomes essential not just preferred. I understand that products can be seen as frivolous and materialistic, but when you think about human psychology there is a reason why people invest in small feel-good luxuries during times of crisis, economic instability and hardship. 

So I hope whoever wins this giveaway is taking the time before the New Year to really invest in themselves from the inside out. 

Use the Wellness Journal to not only work on your appearance and health but your mind too, and feel good using the new gitti products that were created with equality and sustainability at the forefront, brining much more love to all consumers and a will to change an industry that needs disruption. 

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