At Klarskin we follow the philosophy that if you get the main pillars of health right, the rest will fall into place.

Ours are exercise, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, supplementation and environment. 

These 6 pillars outline, in our opinion, the most important aspects of health.

Our below checklist unsurprisingly focuses mainly on how you start your day because analytical insights on morning habits have proven just how much they affect our overall wellbeing.

So here are some small habits you should try and practice daily, that will transform your overall health and wellbeing over time.


The moments after you wake up are important. Waking up and being in the right frame of mind sets you up for the entire day.

I am guilty of checking my phone first thing, but I have moved away from responding to anything before I have stretched (preferably in direct sunlight), had a glass or two of filtered water, followed by my Radiance Powder, followed by a 20 minute walk or run to set myself up mentally and physically for the day ahead. I can't function without this routine and after a year of doing so religiously I can confirm that it has changed my life in the sense that I respond to stress better, I feel better in my own body and ultimately I look healthier. 

Get out of bed and get outside. Stretch, walk, run, just don't spend the first moments when you wake up looking at a screen.


Finish every shower off with cold water. Scientifically cold exposure has been proven to speed up our metabolism, reduce inflammation and swelling across the entire body.

It is also extremely beneficial for your skin and pores. Although uncomfortable at first, I now do this daily (best to do so in the mornings) and believe it has strengthened my immune system this year too. If you are still not convinced, look into the Wim Hof method.


How you think and how you feel are directly correlated. 

Call it what you want but pay attention to how you react to stress, see yourself, your environment, the people you spend the most time with. 

At Klarskin we all use the Wellness Journal. We read over Part 1 when we feel discouraged, like nothing is going our way, like we have no purpose - it reminds us of the bigger picture.

We write in Part 2 to keep track of our daily thoughts and habits and feelings.

It is also important to realise, and remember, that you are responsible for everything good or bad in your life. Not everything that happens is your fault (life is unfair after all) but everything is your responsibility. If you get your mindset right then how to respond to any and all challenges will be easier.

We use the journal, but you can practice mindfulness by meditating, writing down your thoughts, talking to a therapist or loved one or any other mindful practice that centres your mind and improves your outlook and mentality.


Food is literally your medicine. Spend more on better quality food vs material goods. Invest in understanding your genome and what type of foods work for you.

We are all so different, there is not one set diet and eating plan for everyone.

I recently read the Longevity Paradox (find our review here) which transformed the way I think about food and what it means for our health and wellbeing. You really are what you consume, so cut out the antibiotic and stress hormone packed meat and dairy and move towards organically grown vegetables.

Try making one small dietary change a week. Stop eating processed food and sugar. Supplement with high quality raw materials because we simply can't get all our nutrients from Mother Nature anymore and the toxins we are exposed to are only increasing, so our bodies need to fight back somehow.

Don't go cold turkey, progress is better than perfection. But understanding how food and supplements impact our health is worth your time (hence the book reccommendation).


It really is a simple checklist:

No screen time 2 hours before bed.

Blue light blocking glasses 2 hours before bed and install f.lux on every monitor.

Go to sleep the same time as often as you can.

Wake up the same time as often as you can.

Try the below acupuncture points (press down for 60 seconds on each point) vs using melatonin or sleep teas if you can't get to sleep. 



We expand on these points in our Health Hack highlight on instagram. Follow us there for more info.

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