I'm American and was raised in Minnesota.

I moved to Sthlm after spending quite a bit of time abroad and feeling the quality of life and overall vibe/energy within the city was well matched to my personality and the lifestyle I wanted to have. Before Sthlm I could never imagine myself settling anywhere to be honest. 



By day I work within e-commerce as a Customer Experience manager at CDLP - best men's underwear in the world.

Before that I worked in marketing, which is what I studied in university (Syracuse) and I think I naturally transitioned into my role due to a huge interest in human behaviour, and fascination by what influences shopping behaviour etc.

By night I work at Savant Bar from time to time, interning and learning more about natural wine - food is my first love and I definitely see myself opening up a place of my own one day. And between those two I model as well. 

I think the quality of life here in Stockholm is unmatched, it feels like majority of the population can live a decent life and have all their needs taken care of - health, education, wages, paternity leave etc. are among the things I appreciate.



There is such a good balance in lifestyle, which allows for people to have such a good work life balance as well. Then I think I love the Scandi culture and way of life is just great. As far as cons, I would say its incredibly homogeneous and there's not a lot of diversity here, both in population and how people live. I've heard Swedes can be difficult to get to know, but I've been fortunate enough to make quite a few Swedish friends.

In the mornings I'm still working on a set routine due to my busy schedule, but I'm usually up by 6:45 and I suffer from anxiety so I will often lay in bed for 5-10 minutes and just breath, calm my thoughts etc.

Then depending on my work day I will have a morning workout or run. Followed by journaling and planning my intentions/to-do list for the day - kind of manifesting the day I want to have. I usually enjoy tea while doing that. Then a good breakfast (oatmeal, veggie scramble, banana pancakes, or smoothie), shower, and then work. 

My self-care is a mix of running/training (I prefer high intensity workouts that kind of force em to focus on nothing but the activity).



Journaling is a major part of my life I have several for different reasons - a normal journal/diary, a bullet journal/day planner, an anxiety journal (which I can highly recommend) from therapy notebooks its like a CBT journal, I have the beauty journal from Klarskin now, and then a small one I take with me to keep track of small notes and random thoughts. Then evening wind down for me is something I am still working on due to having such long days, I'm normally exhausted - but on a good day its a long shower, a book, chamomile tea and a face mask before bed. 

In regards to beauty routine this is a puzzle - and I would say I put more emphasis on evening that night (since I like to spend as little time getting ready as possible):

  • Morning - start with face wash and I alternate depending on needs of my skin (sometimes oil cleanser or face wash by rose), followed by toner, serum (Klarskin and a vitamin E serum by Woods Copenhagen), then sunscreen, moisturiser, and then my fave eye cream from Ole Henriksen). 

  • Evening is shower, facewash, a rotation of masks (alternating between detoxing/clarifying, hyaluronic, glow mask), any sort of spot treatment as needed, and face oil - live for marula oil 

  • I exfoliate 2-3 times per week

  • Retinol 2x per week

  • Then in terms of general skin care, i drunk lots of water and i think what you put into your body has a huge impact on the skin and appearance in general - so lots of fruits and vegetables, a vitamin regimen, collagen smoothies



Aside from the Radiance Powder, I use vegan protein, collagen, probiotic by seed, multi vitamin, then a mood supplement from moon juice called super you - my knowledge here is very limited and something I've only recently gotten into, but feeling more balanced since adding a lineup of good supplements. 

So far my experience with Klarskin's products has been great, I feel like its still early to notice the effects of the supplements but I love the serum and has quickly become one of my favorites and since I am trying new products from time to time, I really enjoy the journal and identifying what choices in my lifestye and routine have an impact on my skin - I like to keep my skin clear and glowing so anything that can hepl get me closer to that is amazing. And in general, I really feel like I'm spoiling myself when I use Klarskin - its like the ultimate self care. 

I am inspired by so much. Mostly things and people that give me energy - that can be someones personality or how they impact the world or it can also be a beautiful interior or great piece of sour dough bread haha. But in life - I get a lot of inspiration from food, fashion, film, and the world around me - I'm incredibly observant and just love to take it all in. 
Finally you asked about my goals:

  • I was only diagnosed with anxiety in recent years and its a goal to manage that - so discovering my triggers, ways to manage my mood and energy 

  • I am currently enlty training for my first half marathon

  • This summer I would also learn to be a better swimmer 

  • A work in progress but hope to soon be fluent in Swedish

  • Its a long term goal of mine to open a new restaurant 


Thank you Bria for your time and insight.

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