A conversation between our CEO Antoneta and Associate Alexia

AB: Antoneta Bursac AR: Alexia Ritter

AB: Ok let’s start this thing. What is going on with you currently and what products are you loving

AR: I have been into Udo’s choice it’s a brand of oil blends, you either take it as a tablespoon or add to salads smoothies etc.

AB: Will have to look into it more, haven't heard of them. Fun fact, I used to take cod liver oil with a spoon and it was so horrid. I would buy it directly from a cod farmer in Norway to try and help my acne. It did not help at all haha

AR: yep been there done that

AB: the things we try for beauty!

AR: My dad swears by udo’s oil for keeping his skin hydrated, I think it’s the perfect ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 that keeps us so juicy. Many of us have a diet far too high in omega 6’s nowadays, I heard almost 17 to 1 as opposed to a 1 to 1 ratio. They make two formulas, one that is ‘balanced’ and one that is just omega 3, I switch between the two depending on how i am feeling.

AB: I have also been testing taking this liver powder which is so so disgusting. It’s a German liver blend powder you get from the pharmacy and you’re meant to drink it on an empty stomach mornings to help support your liver but I could only stomach 3 days. Capsule format doesn’t work apparently as you need to let it sit in warm water for at least 5 minutes before drinking.

AR: I’m on Organic Olivia’s liver juice, and I think my eyes are brighter and clearer. I’m only through half the bottle so it’s too early to tell for the other differences (feeling lighter and more energised) but I think anyone that has been on medications (birth control, antibiotics) or a lot of caffeine can benefit from some liver love.

I really like it tastes mostly of the burdock root, and it’s in a glycerin base which is always slightly sweet.

AB: I actually really want to do some clinical testing on a liver formulation as scientifically you can't actually 'detox' your liver. You can aid enzyme production, but the science is very clear on how much you can do with the liver - can also support it, but you can't 'undo' a lot of damage done

AR: support the P1&2 pathways?

AB: Yes, you can also help it’s a reparative process but this takes years to do effectively.

I think I read somewhere that it takes your body 2 years to properly filter and get rid of an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen, 6 years for antibiotics. This is just from the liver, it obviously also impacts your gut, colon, etc 

AR: Sure and I am slightly against “detox” culture because our bodies are amazing and sometimes we get in the way of it functioning, but people forget that evolution wise we have had a liver for millions of years before we introduced NSAIDs and birth control pills

AB: and environmental pollutants too. Synthetics, preservatives, toxins, heavy metals

AR: In America they hand it out like candy I was shocked. I know people that take zzz quil which is like night nurse just to sleep on flights 

AB: Crazy, but the sad thing is that our bodies can take so much for years before even showing any symptoms or signs of struggle/depletion. Hence adult acne!

AR: And hence my obsession with the Radiance Powder every day

AB: Yeah for me it’s a must. I’ve recently started taking hydrolyzed collagen peptides along with the Reforming Liquid (the vitamin C in the liquid helps the collagen absorb more effectively) and definitely am seeing a difference in my hair and nails this month. Also reading a book on psychedelics and getting back into adaptogens

AR: Need to get deeper into adaptogens, I’m feeling deeply empathetic these days and I heard eleuthero is fantastic for that, as well as stress of course. 

AB: I am a big fan of ashwagandha for immune support. Chaga mushroom for my skin too. Actually, I don’t love collagen because I am wary of taking any supplement which comes from animals due to the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs they pump through them when farming these days.

But thought I would switch it up a bit this month, Chaga is an anti-inflammatory, it helps keep your gut microbiome diverse, and is famous in Finland for it’s benefits on the skin. Most people drink it as a tea, I get mine from my local health food shop.  

AR: You’ve convinced me, I’m going to source some Chaga. It's always good to switch between seasons too. Apart from the RP, which I take year-round.

AB: you shouldn’t be afraid to give it a break sometimes too! It will continue working in your body for a while. But if you feel like you need it also no harm

AR: yeah and you always say your body will naturally excrete any supplement ingredient it has too much of anyway so I just feel better taking it constantly, especially now I just had exam season and my skin usually flares up like crazy. I saw a big difference.

AB: if it helps you feel supported then by all means. Let's continue this chat next month!

AR: Yep feel like we’ve covered good ground today!

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