An imbalance of bacteria is personal to each of our bodies. The same goes for food allergies and intolerances. It is highly individual and varies depending on so many factors: the location we live in, our genome, the season, etc.

According to epigenetics, you’re born with 25,000 genes from your parents. You have approximately 2-20 million bacterial genes in your gut (your Microbiome).

They interact with each other to produce all the metabolites in your body and create your biological organism and work to maintain your health.

Epigenetics says that daily experiences influence the activity of your genes. So, to put it in a very simple way, you’re born with a deck of cards and you have to learn how to play with that deck throughout your life.

Gene activity is influenced by sleep, managing stress, exercise, mindful awareness, nutrition, emotions, connection with nature and many other factors.

A negative disruption in any one of these areas can throw a healthy gut out of balance and cause different variations of dysbiosis.

When out of balance the gut can cause changes to the immune system, making it over-reactive, and this leads to inflammation which presents as rashes, skin sensitivity and most commonly acne.

It is therefore important to form healthy habits and make the right lifestyle choices most of the time to positively impact both. 

When I was going through the worst of my adult acne, I had to take a deep look at my diet, exercise, mind and lifestyle choices and completely rethink my routine and thinking.

This exercise was one of the hardest and best things to happen to me simultaneously (and what years later led me to finally clinically test and launch the Radiance Powder formulation).

Having extreme issues with nutrient deficiencies, a disrupted gut barrier, constantly being ill from a weak immune system and a variety of skin issues and allergies led me to understand why the over-the-counter vitamins, pre&probiotics and even prescribed pills were just passing through my body and not having the desired effect of rebalancing my gut and resolving all of my internal inflammation.

When your gut barrier is disrupted it can be hard for your body to rebuild and repair without the right tools and nutrients.


Here’s my checklist of what to focus on when repairing your gut barrier function and building your immunity back up:



Use what you have in your kitchen first. 

Anti-inflammatory foods that do not irritate the digestive mucosa help keep the intestine healthy. Vegetables, garlic, onions, asparagus, fruit, cereals, pulses, seeds and olive oil should be staples in a healthy diet. Cook your foods if you are dealing with severe skin issues as this helps your body digest and break down the proteins more easily.



If you want to support your body with additional supplements alongside a healthy and varied diet, think about if your body is in a healthy enough state to properly absorb and use the supplements you are taking.

Unfortunately standard pre and probiotic formulations often pass through your system and aren’t absorbed or even potent enough to have a long-lasting effect on gut or internal health.

Choose a Pre and Probiotic in liquid format as it is easier absorbed and usually more effective.

Choose a brand with a reputation for using certified ingredients from a well-respected regulatory body and jurisdiction (my personal favourite supplements derive from Germany and Switzerland).

The complexity of the formulation is not spoken about highly enough. All the raw materials in a supplement formulation should work off each other to proliferate and increase absorption capabilities.

Ensure your supplements are sufficiently microencapsulated or in liposomal format so that they are not destroyed before they reach your colon or GI tract  – after all stomach acid is there to destroy pathogenic bacteria and the sad fact is that most supplements don’t make it past this point.

Choose probiotic bacteria that has diverse enough strains to ensure good bacteria effectively thrives after continued use, and again whose bacteria is sufficiently microencapsulated, with soluble fibres to support growth once it reaches the intestines.

Our Radiance Powder of course takes all of these factors into account and even contains digestive enzymes, antioxidant plant powders and additional vitamins and minerals most commonly deficient in our everyday lifestyles.

As previously mentioned it was the only product to make a huge difference in reducing my own internal inflammation and resetting my skin’s barrier function from within.



Think about the digestive system as a second brain.

Emotions and thoughts are communicated to the gut, and you might hear about the gut-brain axis as a result of this connection. Our emotional state influences our digestive health and vice versa. 

Our Wellness Journal was created by experts to help you with small daily changes in order to have a massively positive effect on your lifestyle long term.




The easiest, fastest and most effective toxin release there is.


Finally remember that adult acne is not forever.

It is hard to see this when you are in it, but remembering that skin regenerates every 28 days will help keep that end in mind.

Setting real lifestyle intentions and executing your health goals through small daily habits is the only way to persistently keep inflammation at bay, improve your gut health for good and keep a healthy immune system for life.

Long term clear skin is the positive side effect of improving those factors first.


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