KLARSKIN Wellness Club Experience | BECORE Stockholm

KLARSKIN Wellness Club Experience | BECORE Stockholm

Location: BECORE Urban Escape | Stockholm, Sweden

This offline experience took place at Stockholm’s Cycling, Barre & Megafomer boutique fitness studio, BECORE. Find out how members used the Reforming Liquid to optimize their health routine below.

Our clinically tested supplements and skincare were originally developed for individuals with skin issues such as adult acne, however wellness is at the forefront of what we do.

Becore is our go-to in Stockholm when investing in the health, look, and feel of our bodies with industry leaders. It was an obvious first choice for our offline experience where members uncovered how to incorporate high-quality supplements to further elevate skin health and overall wellbeing.


Where:BECORE Stockholm

What: The Reforming Liquid, a vitamin drink working to plump and preserve skin, replenishing cell structures from within

When:Drink 10-20ml after a meal or workout for best results

Why: Vitamins in Liposomal form are more bioavailable for the body: this basically means the ingredients are not only easier for the body to absorb and digest, but have a greater effect.

Our Reforming Liquid is Liposomal meaning it is primarily absorbed through the oral mucosal lining and through lymphatic mechanisms in the gut, rather than first having to pass metabolism in the liver. This higher absorption means greater efficacy and with smaller doses needed to achieve better results.


After an hour-long spin class, BECORE members cooled down, recharged, and rehydrated with a glass of Reforming Liquid.

The Actives found at the top of the ingredient list include MSM, Glucosamine, and Hyaluronic Acid. Although the ingredients have been selected for skin preservation and health, our bodies do not compartmentalize vitamins and it instead works to benefit our system as a whole.

MSMfound in the Reforming Liquid format helps reduce oxidative stress after intense exercise, avoiding any muscle damage, and supplementing with a high-quality dose means a quicker recovery process.

Glucosamine HCL is unique for its anti-inflammatory effects and brilliant for the prevention of joint pain, especially after exercise.

Hyaluronic Acid is the water molecule naturally found in the body that depreciates with age. Supplementing it back in with an oral vitamin will work to build hydration blocks back into cell structures and by Liquid administration, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed in the digestive tract and migrates to the relevant connective tissues more effectively than in pill or powder format. The Magnesium within our Liquid is also beneficial for calming muscles. By supplementing smart after an intense workout you can start signaling the system to cool down, relax, and start the healing process.

For a full list of skin benefits please visit the Reforming Liquid Shop Page.

Dehydration causes the first signs of aging, so water first and Reforming Liquid second helps look after the skin and body long term. Creating small and consistently good habits leads to great things and is far more effective than short quick fixes - this is why all our products are created to benefit the body in the long run.

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